A Dream Vacation in Rio

Plan your getaway to coincide with—or avoid—the 2016 Olympics.

November 2015

Rio de Janeiro beckons travelers from around the globe, lulling international visitors with the infectious rhythm of samba and the endless vistas of white-sand beaches. But “the Marvelous City’s” gravitational pull is especially strong this year, all because of a little event known as the 2016 Summer Olympics. It may not yet be winter at home, but now is the time to plan for a summer getaway to this seaside Brazilian gem.

Summer Games guidelines

If you want to visit during the actual Olympic games, start with the logistics. Update your passport, secure your visa and work on scoring tickets. CoSport is the agency responsible for ticket sales—and they also offer packages with accommodations and meals.

Keep in mind that certain tickets are extremely hard to come by—like those for the opening ceremony, medal rounds and any competition day for high-profile sports like gymnastics and track and field. So be open to catching whatever you can. Even if you’re not an avid fan of water polo, handball or archery, getting tickets to these events would give you a chance to see the best competitors in the world, and to experience the magic of the Olympic atmosphere.

Marvelous City living

Olympic host cities generally see an exodus of tourists in the days after the closing ceremonies, which makes it the best time to check out the city and its surrounding beauty.

Explore this Brazilian metropolis by living like the locals, if only for a dreamlike week or so. Linger over long dinners of churrasco— simmering hot barbeque—and sip caipirinhas—the refreshing sugarcane-based national cocktail—in glittering bossa nova nightclubs. Board the 123-year-old train atop Corcovado to visit the world-revered Statue of Christ the Reedemer. Tour the vibrant Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens) and its thousands of plant, tree and animal species. Finally, no trip to Rio would be complete without spending carefree hours on the beach. Watch surfers tussle with the waves at the secluded Prainha Beach, see and be seen at the exclusive Ipanema Beach, or socialize in the nonstop party atmosphere of bustling, iconic Copacabana Beach.

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