Gym machinery in a loft-style setting

A Fitting Home Gym

Your gym, your way.

Most would agree that anything that makes the daily workout easier is a great investment. Enter the home gym—a space dedicated to fitness, your way and at your fingertips. No traffic, no travel … and no excuses.

The design, the equipment and even the view for working out at home should not only provide you with all the flexibility and function you desire but also the inspiration to use it. That’s how the pros at Advantage Fitness Products approach their coveted designs for luxe hotels, clubs and homes around the globe.

Despite the extraordinary results they produce, the steps Advantage Fitness Products recommends for customizing your very own fitness environment follow a fairly common sequence.

Step One: Identify Its Purpose
Pinpointing the number of people who will be using the gym and identifying the nature of their workout needs is the absolute first step in creating a successful space. Is it for one person, two people or the whole family? Does everyone like to work out at the same time? Is the emphasis on strength training, cardio or freeform fitness?

How you answer these questions will determine a lot about the type of environment and the amount of square footage you’ll need: Different workouts necessarily have different spatial, storage and material requirements.

Step Two: Design the Space
Choose a room in your house or build a space that inspires you. Views, natural light and windows or doors that open to the elements are not only in style; interfacing with nature brings additional health benefits.

Having honed in on your workout needs, the needed spatial allotments for equipment and activities are easy to identify. Kickboxing, mat work or karate classes at home each require some open space and different types of flooring. Strength training and cardio gear each need their own space and configuring their placement during this process will help determine what type of and how many machines you can install. Lighting, ventilation and temperature control also come into play.

Step Three: Select equipment
Performance, aesthetics and budget all figure into the process of choosing the equipment and accessories that will ensure a great workout. If you’ve opted for a great view, consider good-looking, low profile machines that won’t get in the way. You might also want to save space with all-in-one cable-based systems that forego the need for multiple machines while providing top-notch functional training. If boredom is your bane, tune in to technology that monitors your performance or streams any bandwidth of entertainment.

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